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Regular expressions, an example

February 3, 2011

Why regular expressions are your friend. This is written in Stata but applies to any language where regular expressions exist.Original version if length("`qx'")==3 { /*ex: 5q0*/ ...

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Tab completion

January 30, 2011

Let's say your hands are aching from too much typing in of variables. What to do? Get a keyboard tray and learn proper ergonomics, of course.But what if you just want to reduce the amount of typing in of variables you do for reasons of laziness...err...

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STATA: Regular expressions

January 23, 2011

A regular expression allows you to do a moderately fancy search (and replace if you want). So say you wanted to replace all the "Dennis"s in a variable with "Awesome"s, but only if they're at the end of the line. You could try:-replace PBFnamevar = r...

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