Adding motion to choropleths

April 11, 2016

(This article was first published on Jkunst - R category, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

Time ago @hrbrmstr show how to replicate a visualization made by
New York Times
with R.

The result we hope is like this:

I really like small multiples and this is a good example of usage. However if the
multiples means a lot mini plots maybe you can try add animation.

Let’s start using the script made by Bob:

URL <- ""


data <-  fromJSON(URL) %>% 
  tbl_df() %>% 
  gather(year, value, -fips) %>% 
  mutate(year = sub("^y", "", year),
         value = ifelse(, 0, value))

fips year value
01001 2002 1
01003 2002 2
01005 2002 0
01007 2002 1
01009 2002 2
01011 2002 0

Now we’ll prepare the data as the motion plugin
require the data.

ds <- data %>% 
  group_by(fips) %>% 
  do(item = list(
    fips = first(.$fips),
    sequence = .$value,
    value = first(.$value))) %>% 

hc <- highchart(type = "map") %>% 
  hc_add_series(data = ds,
                name = "drug deaths per 100,000",
                mapData = uscountygeojson,
                joinBy = "fips",
                borderWidth = 0.01) %>% 
  hc_colorAxis(stops = color_stops()) %>%  
  hc_title(text = "How the Epidemic of Drug Overdose Deaths Ripples") %>% 
  hc_legend(layout = "vertical", reversed = TRUE,
            floating = TRUE, align = "right") %>% 
  hc_add_theme(hc_theme_smpl()) %>% 
    enabled = TRUE,
    axisLabel = "year",
    labels = sort(unique(data$year)),
    series = 0,
    updateIterval = 50,
    magnet = list(
      round = "floor",
      step = 0.1

And the result:



I like it!

Note this using the development version of highcarter
using the motion plugin.

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