Spatial Data with R

On September 14th 2011
Dr Alec Stephenson gave a talk on exploring spatial data with R
(see Meetup page). The video of the talk is now available online.

The talk provides a non-mathematical and entirely equation-free talk on
visualizing and analysing spatial data in R. Alec discusses the different types of
spatial data, the main R packages needed for the analysis of those types, and
present a selection of examples from a wide range of application areas. He
briefly illustrates how R can be used to visualize data in other software such as
Google Earth and Quantum GIS. He also looks at geological data, rainforests, cancer
cases, biological cells, and maps Australian states.

The Video is split over two YouTube clips.

Alec Stephenson is a Lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology, a former
Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore and a former
post-doc at Macquarie University. Alec is a mathematician, statistician and
programmer, and wrote several R packages when he was a PhD student at Lancaster
University, U.K., following undergraduate training at Warwick and Oxford. These
days he selfishly only writes code for himself, and has given all his publicly
available software away to other people who are younger and cleverer. He is
looking forward to becoming an Australian citizen in 2012.

Many thanks to Deloitte for providing an excellent venue.