Just like useR! conferences, local R User Groups (RUG) have proved to be a valuable resource for R users from the beginner to the very expert in learning, sharing knowledge and experience, networking, or just having fun with others alike. Although RUG meetings are constrained for obvious reasons to be local and thus can bring together R users generally only from a bounded geographical area, the talks are of great interest to a wide audience of R users around the world. Therefore, this site aims at collecting all the materials of such talks (videos, slides, code etc.) and bring them to the larger R community. We would encourage all RUG organizers to contribute with such materials for the benefit of the whole R community.

For RUG organizers and others interested to contribute with videos: Please create an account here. Then, please start posting your meeting’s materials (video, slides, code) for the benefit of all R users. (Right now videos will need to be hosted somewhere else and be linked/embedded into your posts. There are sites that provide free video hosting, for example blip.tv is a convenient and very easy to use one (creating an account and uploading takes just a few clicks). If you’d like to integrate your videos with slides, the best choice is vcasmo.com, please contact Drew Conway for how to upload the videos there.) The first time you are posting (right after signing up) your posts will have to await approval. This is just until we verify your credentials and we give you the necessary privileges to the website.

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