Metaphors in Motion: Machine Learning Illustrated with Tidymodels

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In the grand theater of machine learning, algorithms and models are more than mere equations and computations — they are performers, each with its unique style, story, and significance. As we prepare to lift the curtain on this series of tales, I invite you to envision these mathematical entities as living, breathing characters, rich in nuance and narrative.

The Power of Metaphor

From the dawn of human history, we’ve used metaphors to understand, explain, and connect with the world around us. They bridge the familiar with the unfamiliar, the known with the mysterious. Machine learning, with its intricate algorithms and abstract concepts, can sometimes feel like an enigma. But what if we could understand each model through a captivating story? A tale that resonates, enlightens, and stays with us?

Upcoming Acts: A Glimpse into the Series

  1. linear_reg — Linear Regression
  2. logistic_reg — Logistic Regression
  3. decision_tree — Decision Trees
  4. mlp — Single Layer Neural Network
  5. bag_tree — Ensembles of Decision Trees
  6. boost_tree — Boosted Trees
  7. rand_forest — Random Forest
  8. auto_ml — Automatic Machine Learning

… [Stay tuned as each model takes the spotlight, complete with its own unique narrative and metaphor.]

And worry not; while our tales are grounded in metaphor, they won’t shy away from the technical. Interspersed within each narrative, you’ll find code snippets, practical examples, and insights — all leveraging the power of tidymodels in R.

A Guided Tour with Tidymodels

As our guide through this expedition, we’ve chosen the tidymodels framework. With its clean syntax and powerful capabilities, tidymodels will be our compass, illuminating the path as we traverse the vast landscape of machine learning.

Join Us on This Journey

So, whether you’re a seasoned data scientist, an aspiring machine learning enthusiast, or someone simply curious about the stories data can tell, there’s a seat for you in our theater. Settle in, let your imagination roam free, and prepare to see machine learning in a light you’ve never seen before.

Metaphors in Motion: Machine Learning Illustrated with Tidymodels was originally published in Numbers around us on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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