Little useless-useful R function – R-jobs title generator

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Another post on the series of useless-useful R functions. This time more on the fun side and only using paste() function for concatenation and sample() function for selection of random items from array.

The complete (longer) list of all the names available on Github.

RJobTitle <- function(){

### Values
 Fancystuff = c( 'Regional','Only the best','Insane','Qualitative','Virtuous','Senior'
                  ,'Junior','In-House','Outsourced','Magnificent','Evolutionary','Customer orientated','Product'
                  ,'Dynamic','Corporate Lead','Legacy','Investor','Direct','International','Over-seas','Internal','Human'
                  ,'Creative','Volunteer','Lead','4 Stages of','Complete','Most Advanced','State of the art','Super high'
                  ,'First Class','Powerful','Data','Head of','Master of','Chief of','Officer','Lead','Special')
 RStuff <- c('CRAN Lover','R Environment','userR! conference','R Package','Lattice','Graphics','Factors','Probability distribution'
             ,'Sampling','Vectors and numbers','package dependencies','Set.seed','Visualization','Data manipulation','Machine Learning'
             ,'','Shiny','Sys.getenv','Lubridate','NA','NaN','Environment history','R Script Editor','S3 Class'
             ,'Box Plot','Infix Operator','Parametrization','Slow Script','Long running Script','R ggplot library','Statistical Models'
             ,'%>% clause','R WHILE loop','Kronecker product','Matching operator','Integer division','dplyr and data.table' )

 Roles = c('Analyst','Project Manager','Expert','Manager','Programmer','Artist'
           ,'Data Manipulator','tEvangelist','Hero','Guru','partz professional','Composer','Reader','Outliner'
           ,'Proof-reader','zoo Assistant','data.frame Operator','Matrix Maker','dpylr lover'
           ,'Tester','Deep tester','Backward tester','Office hater','Hollister','Warrior','Junkie'
           ,'Wizard','Leader','King','Github Approver','CARET Engineer','e1071 Architect','Rockstar','Ninja','R Coder'
           ,'Python Hater','Ninja','Captain','Strategist','Consultant','Counsellor','Organizer'
           ,'Emacs Endorser','Dog','Library Installer','Cheever','RStudio specialist','R Fanboy','Functionist'
           ,'Researcher','Shadower','Variable lover','Knitter Helper','Debugger','Data Scientists'
           ,'Statistician','Coffee Addict','Tidyverser','Knitter'
           ,'R-Studio dispatcher','Advanced Copy/paster','R-Bloggers subscriber','Markdown Writter' )

### Ordering of subsets and generating R Job Title
RTitle <- paste(sample(Fancystuff,1, replace=TRUE),sample(RStuff,1, replace=TRUE),sample(Roles,1, replace=TRUE), sep= " ")
RTitle <- paste("Your Greatest of them greatest made-up R job title is: ", RTitle)


#Run the script

Once running the function, you should be presented with random, wacky, funky, made-up and non-existing (hopefully) R job.

Or maybe not ???? Sharing with you some of the screen shots from my runs:

Well, a creative dplyr and data.table Analyst sounds very attractive. ????

As always, code is available at Github.

Happy R-ing! ????

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