List of useful RStudio addins made by useRs (a github repo)

[social4i size=”large” align=”float-right”]   Dean Attali started a GitHub repo listing RStudio addins, with the hope that other useRs will add to the list and make it a place to discover addins. Feel free to browse for useful addins, or make a pull request to add your own addin to the list. Here are the current items on the list:
Name Description Package On CRAN? Author More links Notes
Colour picker Lets you easily select colours shinyjs :white_check_mark: Dean Attali screenshot,demo GIF
ggplot2 Marginal Plots Add marginal plots to ggplot2 ggExtra :white_check_mark: Dean Attali screenshot
ggplot Theme Assist Customize your ggplot theme ggthemeassist :white_check_mark: Calli Gross demo GIF
Schedule Rscripts Easily scheduling Rscripts taskscheduleR :x: jwijffels screenshot
Assign default values Set function arguments in selection to their default values jadd :x: Jenny Bryan
Wrap Rmd Wrap selected R Markdown text but don’t insert lines breaks into inline R code WrapRmd :x: TJ Mahr
Tidy Data Interactively build tidyr function call (gather) tidyshiny :x: Mango Solutions
Lattice Plotting Interactively build plots using the latticesystem addinplots :x: Homer White
Copy Frame to Clipboard Copy a data.frame to the clipboard copydat :x: Bay Area Air Quality Management District Doesn’t work on Windows
Render Rmd in Console Render an R Markdown document in the global environment RStudioConsoleRender :x: Jeff Johnston blog post
Document This Auto-generate Roxygen skeletons for functions and data docthis :x: Matthew Lincoln
Hist Add-In Interactively create histograms with ggplot2 and obtain the R Code limoaddin :x: Stanislaus Stadlmann
Addin Manager Install and remove addins addinmanager :x: Colin Gillespie Blog post

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