Upcoming R training by Hadley Wickham: SF Dec 3-4, DC Dec 10-11

(By Hadley Wickham)

Hi all,

I’d like to let you know about four R training courses that RStudio
will be offering in December:

* Effective data visualization (http://bit.ly/TY2ONI)
Dec 3. San Francisco, CA

* Reports and reproducible research (http://bit.ly/RsZmYr)
Dec 4. San Francisco, CA

* Advanced R programming (http://bit.ly/RvZDsd)
Dec 10. Washington, DC

* Package development (http://bit.ly/UhTIWz)
Dec 11. Washington, DC

In EFFECTIVE DATA VISUALISATION (http://bit.ly/TY2ONI), you’ll learn
how to make beautiful, effective graphs using ggplot2 and the grammar
of graphics. You’ll learn not only technical R skills, but also how
the human perceptual system works. REPORTS AND REPRODUCIBLE RESEARCH
(http://bit.ly/RsZmYr) will jump start your workflow for generating
polished and reproducible publications and presentations from R
research. You’ll learn how to use knitr to make scriptable pdf
reports, html pages and slideshows, and general tips for making code
that others can use and learn from.

ADVANCED R PROGRAMMING (http://bit.ly/RvZDsd) will help you write
better code, by focussing on the mantra of “do not repeat yourself”.
You will learn powerful new tools of abstraction, allowing you to
solve a wider range of problems with fewer lines of code. PACKAGE
DEVELOPMENT (http://bit.ly/UhTIWz) will teach you how to make
packages, the fundamental unit of code distribution in R, allowing
others to save time by allowing them to use your code. We focus on
tools (devtools, roxygen2, testthat) designed to make package
development as easy as possible.

Our courses incorporate a mix of lectures and hands-on learning.
Expect to learn about a topic and then immediately put it into
practice with a small example. Plenty of help will be available if you
get stuck. You can read more about our training philosophy at

To see prices, precise locations and to register:

* for the DC courses: http://rstudio-dc.eventbrite.com/
* for the SF courses: http://rstudio-sf.eventbrite.com/

We have limited discounts for students (66% off) and academics (33%
off) – please contact me for details.

As long-term users and supporters of ggplot2, plyr and devtools, we
have a special discount available for subscribers to the respective
mailing lists: enter gpd1220 on checkout to get a 10% discount 🙂 Feel
free to share this discount with your friends and colleagues.



PS. Would you like us to offer these courses (or others!) in your
area? Please let us know at

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