Video: Hadley Wickham gives a short course on graphics with R

March 23, 2010

Hadley Wickham (the creator of the popular ggplot2 graphics package for R) has posted video of a 2-hour short course on Visualisation in R at his channel. The video is split into four thirty-minute segments:

The course is peppered with self-guided exercises, for which data, code and the supporting slides are all available. So if you want to be able to create beautiful, informative visualizations of data sets large and small, like this:

Screen shot 2010-03-22 at 5.15.08 PM

then it’s well worth two hours of your time to watch these videos. (And don’t forget Hadley’s book, ggplot2: Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis, for a complete reference.)

Hadley Wickham: data vis mini course

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