Simple Text Mining with R

May 31, 2012

(This article was first published on indiacrunchin » R, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

I’ve used R for many use cases and Text Mining is one of those. Below is a small snippet to get you started with R and Text Mining.

sentences <- NULL
for (i in 1:10) sentences <- c(sentences,fortune(i)$quote)
d <- data.frame(textCol =sentences )
ds <- DataframeSource(d)
dtm<- DocumentTermMatrix(dsc, control = list(weighting = weightTf, stopwords = TRUE))
dictC <- Dictionary(dtm)
# The query below is created from words in fortune(1) and fortune(2)
newQry <- data.frame(textCol = "lets stand up and be counted seems to work undocumented")
newQryC <- Corpus(DataframeSource(newQry))
dtmNewQry <- DocumentTermMatrix(newQryC, control = list(weighting=weightTf,stopwords=TRUE,dictionary=dict1))
dictQry <- Dictionary(dtmNewQry)
# Below does a naive similarity (number of features in common)
apply(dtm,1,function(x,y=dictQry){length(intersect(names(x)[x!= 0],y))})

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