March 1, 2014

A new bug-fix / maintenance release of
RcppEigen is now on
CRAN. RcppEigen
brings the Eigen C++ template
library for linear algebra to R.

This release updates the RcppEigen.package.skeleton() function
for a needed change in R, updates and extends the code example used by this
skeleton package generator, and updates a few things now that
Rcpp 0.11.0 is out.

Changes in RcppEigen version (2014-03-01)

  • Updated and extended RcppEigen.package.skeleton() to
    use several examples via Rcpp Attributes; also removed the
    deprecated namespace argument

  • Updated skeleton package example for Rcpp 0.11.0 or later by removing needed for linking with user library

  • Updated files DESCRIPTION, NAMESPACE, src/Makevars and src/Makevars.win similarly

Courtesy of CRANberries, there
are diffstat reports for the
most recent release
relative to the preceding version.

Questions, comments etc about RcppEigen should go to the
rcpp-devel mailing list
off the R-Forge page.

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