Interfacing R with Web technologies

April 14, 2014

A new Task View on CRAN will be of anyone who needs to connect R with Web-based applications. The Web Technologies and Services Task View lists R functions and pacakges for reading data from websites (via public APIs or by scraping data from HTML packegs); for interfacing with Cloud-based platforms (including AWS); for authenticating and accessing data from social media services (including Twitter and Facebook); and for integrating with Web frameworks for building your own Web-aware applications with R. It also includes an extensive list of web-based data sources you can access with R.

This useful guide is maintained by Scott Chamberlain, Karthik Ram, Christopher Gandrud, and Patrick Mair. If you have suggestions for other Web-related packages that should be included, you can submit a pull request to the webservices task view project on Github.

CRAN Task Views: Web Technologies and Services

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