How to draw a curve() with ggplot2

June 3, 2012

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ggplot2 improves the graphics drawn with R. A (very) short adaptation time is needed to find how to make graphs equivalent to the ones of graphics.

For example, to draw the curve of a function, there is no function similar to curve(). You have to use qplot() by setting the stat and geom arguments as shown below.

First, the ggplot2 package must be installed.


Here, I plot the probability density function of the gamma distribution with parameters /(/alpha = 1/) and /(/beta = 1/) between 1 and 10:

qplot(1:10, stat = "function", geom = "line",
      fun = function(x) dgamma(x, shape = 1))


With curve():

curve(dgamma(x, shape = 1), from = 1, to = 10)


The ggplot2 community is fairly active and the web searches with the keyword “ggplot2″ almost always lead to relevant results.

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