Disrupting the Traditional Analytics Ecosystem

August 7, 2013

(This article was first published on Revolutions, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

This guest post is by Punit Kulkarni. Punit is the Director of Marketing at Symphony Analytics and a marketing technology enthusiast. He has helped Fortune 500 retailers and brands in building their customer loyalty programs, direct marketing and business analytics.

As a trusted co-marketing partner of Revolution Analytics, Symphony Analytics is committed to developing predictive analytics solutions built upon the Revolution R Enterprise platform. 

The open source platform enables us to scale our offerings and drive significant increases in ROI for our fast-growing client base in a variety of markets, such as retail, healthcare, and others. Delivering operationalized solutions that enable real-time, predictive analytics, will enable them to better analyze data and unlock unprecedented business value.

But when we talk about “operationalizing analytics”, it means much more than generating insights from data. The true potential of analytics is in the integration of these insights into key business processes.

For example, at Symphony Analytics we have already developed solutions that operationalize analytics.  In healthcare, our solution allows hospitals to analyze and predict the likelihood of a patient being readmitted after treatment.  In retail, our R-based solutions are enabling shopper driven innovation that allows marketers and advertisers to conduct dynamic mobile marketing campaigns using NFC tags activated by consumers’ own mobile phones, so that consumer brands and retailers can directly engage with them and drive a new level of brand loyalty and trust. 

As of earlier this year, there were close to 4,500 user-contributed packages that aimed at enhancing statistical and data mining techniques. While many companies tout the benefits of their solutions, Revolution R Enterprise enables us to develop such innovative solutions at a mere fraction of the costs of what non open-source solutions would allow.

Using Revolution R Enterprise, along with big data platforms in the ecosystem, like Hadoop and Teradata, we have been able to disrupt the traditional analytics eco system and operationalize predictive analytics for omni-channel retailing, digital engagement, healthcare and other markets.  Working together with Revolution Analytics, the possibilities are endless.

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