Decimal log scale on a plot

October 30, 2009

(This article was first published on [R] tricks, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

R only does natural (neperian) log scales by default, and this is lame.

Here is a simple code to do decimal log scale, pretty much a requirement for scientists…

The force(x/y)lim options works for natural and log scales (for the later case, you need to specify the power of 10 that you want : c(-2,2) fixes the limit from 0.01 to 100)

drawlogaxis <- function(side,range)
#	d <- log(range,10)
	d <- range
	mlog <- floor(min(d))
	Mlog <- ceiling(max(d))
	SeqLog <- c(mlog:Mlog)
	Nlog <- (Mlog-mlog)+1
	ats <- log(seq(from=2,to=9,by=1),10)
	mod <- NULL
	for(i in SeqLog)
		mod <- c(mod,rep(i,length(ats)))
	ats <- rep(ats,Nlog)
	ats <- ats+mod

logplot <- function(x,y,log='xy',...,forceylim=c(0,0),forcexlim=c(0,0))
	xlg <- FALSE
	ylg <- FALSE
	if('x'%in%strsplit(log,'')[[1]]){x <- log(x,10);xlg=TRUE}
	if('y'%in%strsplit(log,'')[[1]]){y <- log(y,10);ylg=TRUE}
	yl <- ifelse(forceylim==c(0,0),range(y),forceylim)
	xl <- ifelse(forcexlim==c(0,0),range(x),forcexlim)

addlog <- function(x,y,log='xy',...)
	xlg <- FALSE
	ylg <- FALSE
	if('x'%in%strsplit(log,'')[[1]]){x <- log(x,10);xlg=TRUE}
	if('y'%in%strsplit(log,'')[[1]]){y <- log(y,10);ylg=TRUE}


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