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Reading data from microsoft access files in linux

March 28, 2007

Some of the Census 2001 data are in microsoft access files (having filename extensions .mdb). A microsoft access file can have several tables inside, each of which contains data. There is a software called mdbtools that can be used to read access files. The command mdb-tables can be used to see the names of tables

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simple.scatterplot: Two way distributions

March 21, 2007

John Verzani’s book has a title page that shows a scatterplot with histograms of x and y variables along the two axes. It is a very powerful way of looking at two distributions. The plot was generated through a function simple.scatterplot. The function is made available as part of the UsingR package, which can be

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Graphics (base, grid and lattice) in RNews

March 20, 2007

R News 2(2) has papers on grid and lattice packages. R News 3(2) has papers on base, grid and gridBase. Essential stuff for anybody trying to master R graphics V.

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Working with ggplot

February 24, 2007

Hadley Wickham’s ggplot is a very interesting package. It makes beautiful graphics, integrates well with some of the other packages to allow you to superimpose the plots of various types of estimates on plots of data. In particular, it uses colours very well. The default colour schemes are aesthetically pleasing. It allows a flexible use

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Dropping columns in subset command

February 16, 2007

Use “select=c(var1,var2)” in the subset command to select var1 and var2. Use “select=-c(var1,var2)” in the subset command to drop var1 and var2. Technorati Tags: GNU-R

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Page orientation problem in converting postscript files to pdf using ps2pdf

February 13, 2007

A commonly reported problem with ps2pdf is that it does not always guess the page orientation right. A neat solution is here I just edited the to define the wide page and added an alias in my bashrc called widepdf to convert files to pdf in the wide format. It works great now!!

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Statistics on Microsoft Excel

February 6, 2007

Here is an interesting document on problems of using Microsoft Excel for statistical analysis. Technorati Tags: statistics, excel, microsoft

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