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StarCluster and R

August 31, 2013
StarCluster and R

StarCluster is a utility for creating and managingdistributed computing clusters hosted on Amazon's Elastic ComputeCloud (EC2). StarCluster utilizes Amazon´s EC2 web service to createand destroy clusters of Linux virtual machines on demand. Justin Riley StarCluster documentation StarCluster provides a convenient way to quickly set up a cluster of machines to run some data parallel jobs using a distributed memory framework. Install...

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List Comprehensions in R

July 13, 2013

List comprehensions in Python or Haskell are popular and useful tools to filter a list given some predicates. The foreach package by Revolution Analytics gives us a handy interface to list comprehensions in R. Quicksort is a recursive algorithm to ...

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July 9, 2013

I just stumbled across a really useful infix function in R: %in%. It compares two vectors and returs a logical vector if there is a match or not for its left operand. Let us look at some examples: > 1:10 %in% c(1,3,5,9) TRUE FALSE TRUE...

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Using ESS-Remote

July 1, 2013

If you use R and ssh into other machines a lot, e.g. for doing some big data stuff on ec2, ess-remote is a great tool. Just use M-x ssh to ssh into the remote machine, then launch R. Now just M-x ess-remote and you can use the R process just like a local process! Productivity win. Also see

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Compiling R from Source with OpenMP, Accelerate and MKL in OS X

May 24, 2013

Compiling R from Source in OS X I set out to find out whether I could speed up R by compiling it from source and: using Apple´s Accelerate Framework enabling OpenMP (which is disabled under OS X and Windows by default, but enabled under Linux) using Intel´s Intel´s Math Kernel Library I also wanted to know how an implicit parallel library,...

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