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2016-03 Importing the New R Logo

February 16, 2016

The R project has a new logo (shown below). On his blog, Bob Rudis showed how to draw the new R logo as part of an R plot. The purpose of this report is demonstrate an alternative way to draw … Continue reading →

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2016-02 Debugging Display List Internals

February 15, 2016

This report documents the process of debugging a problem with the recording and replaying of R plots from one R session to another. The purpose of this report is to record the source of the problem, to record the solution … Continue reading →

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2015-07 Recording and Replaying the Graphics Engine Display List

December 20, 2015

In the development version of R (to be R 3.3.0), it is possible again to save the result of recordPlot() from one R session and then load it and replay it, with replayPlot(), in a different R session. This recording … Continue reading →

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2015-06 A ‘safemode’ Package for R

December 2, 2015

The ‘safemode’ package provides a safemode() function that creates a “safe mode” session in R. In “safe mode”, all symbols have an “age” (a last-modified time stamp) and a set of dependent symbols, and a warning is issued whenever a … Continue reading →

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2015-05 Generating SVG for Web Pages with the gridSVG Package

November 17, 2015
2015-11-18 11_03_42-Clipboard

This document describes several different techniques for including SVG images within a web page and points out the important SVG attributes that control the final appearance of the SVG image within the web page. The document then describes how to … Continue reading →

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2015-02 New Zealand’s Climate Data in R – An Introduction to clifro

March 24, 2015

The National Climate Database contains data collected from around 6,500 weather stations throughout New Zealand, providing a necessary repository for any study involving New Zealand’s weather or climate. Although data from this database can be accessed via a web portal … Continue reading →

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The gridGraphics Package (2014-03)

November 25, 2014
2014-11-24 22_56_08-Clipboard

The gridGraphics package provides a function, grid.echo(), that can be used to convert a plot drawn with the graphics package to the same result drawn using grid. This provides access to a variety of grid tools for making customisations and … Continue reading →

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2014-02 Invertible Reproducible Documents

September 4, 2014

Reproducible documents provide an efficient way to produce reports by automatically generating content from code chunks within the report. The processing of a source document, that contains code chunks, to a final document, that contains automatically-generated content, is typically one … Continue reading →

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