highlight 0.2-5

December 7, 2010 | romain francois

I pushed highlight 0.2-5 on CRAN. This release improves the latex renderer and the sweave driver so that multiple lines character strings are properly rendered. This example vignette shows it: \documentclass[a4paper]{report} \begin{document} = old.op [Read more...]

highlight 0.2-2

July 31, 2010 | romain francois

I've released highlight 0.2-2 to CRAN. This release adds the possibility to control the font size of the latex code generated by sweave (when using the driver that is provided by highlight) For example, this C++ code (using Rcpp) will be highlight... [Read more...]

highlight 0.2-0

May 31, 2010 | romain francois

I've released version 0.2-0 of highlight to CRAN This version brings some more additions to the sweave driver that uses highlight to produce nice looking vignettes with color coded R chunks The driver gains new arguments boxes, bg and border to c... [Read more...]

highlight 0.1-9

May 29, 2010 | romain francois

The version 0.1-8 of highlight introduced a small bug in the latex renderer. This is now fixed in version 0.1-9 and the latex renderer also gains an argument "minipage" which wraps the latex code in a minipage environment. I've used this to make... [Read more...]

highlight 0.1-8

May 21, 2010 | romain francois

I've pushed version 0.1-8 of highlight to CRAN. highlight is a syntax highlighter for R that renders R source code into some markup language, the package ships html and latex renderers but is flexible enough to handle other formats. Syntax highligh... [Read more...]

highlight 0.1-5

February 13, 2010 | romain francois

pre{ border: 1px solid black ; font-size: small; } I've pushed the version 0.1-5 of highlight to CRAN, it should be available in a couple of days. This version fixes highlighting of code when one wants to display the prompt and the continue pr... [Read more...]

new R package : highlight

November 22, 2009 | romain francois

I finally pushed highlight to CRAN, which should be available in a few days. The package uses the information gathered by the parser package to perform syntax highlighting of R code The main function of the package is highlight, which takes a numb... [Read more...]

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