Dropdown menus in R Markdown with bsselectR

December 14, 2016

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I strongly believe that interactive reports, presentations, and scholarly articles are going to become much more prominent in the years ahead. Whereas a PDF article or presentation can often only show a limited aspect of a research project, interactive documents can allow a reader or presenter to explore project content in a much broader sense.

For dynamic research documents, an excellent option is to combine Shiny with R Markdown to generate a report that can execute R code from a Shiny server. However, not all interactive documents need the full power of Shiny. For example, I’m currently writing a report in which I’d like readers to be able to use drop-down menus to select charts to view. As I produced the charts in Python and saved them all to a folder, I don’t need Shiny to dynamically create the charts in the report.

To create the drop-down menu, I came across the bootstrap-select jQuery plugin. bootstrap-select adds Bootstrap’s dropdown.js and Bootstrap styling to re-style HTML

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