R-bloggers.com is moving to send daily/weekly update e-mails via a self-hosted solution (instead of follow.it)


  • As of now, daily/weekly e-mail updates from R-bloggers are available via a new self-hosted solution service – without any ads, and including a table of contents at the top of the email.
  • Please click here to subscribe and get your daily/weekly email updates on new R news and tutorials.
  • In the coming week or so, users that are subscribed through follow.it will be moved to the new service.
  • In about 2 weeks from now, e-mails will no longer be sent from follow.it.


Dear R-bloggers readers, For over 10 years, R-bloggers has been sending e-mail updates using feedburner. Sadly, Google has decided to shut-down their (free) e-mail delivery service for feedburner. In order to mitigate this change, all confirmed e-mail subscribers were moved to get their email updates via the follow.it service. Since the follow.it service is not as good for our needs, alternative solutions were tested, and the new solution will be a self-hosted mailing list (an open-source solution called phpList). This new newsletter solution has several advantages:
  1. It does not have any annoying banner ads at the bottom of the e-mail.
  2. It now comes with a table of content of the posts at the top of the e-mail.
  3. (new!) In addition to the daily e-mails, there is now also the option of weekly e-mail updates as well.
Please click here to subscribe to get your daily/weekly email updates on new R news and tutorials. The subscription page will look like this: The daily newsletter looks something like this:

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