Webinar: Revolution R is 100% R and More

December 7, 2010

I'll be hosting a webinar tomorrow (Wednesday) aimed at R users who want to know more about how Revolution R Enterprise extends open source R for big data, Web services, multi-core processing, debugging and more. For R users at schools and universities, I'll also explain how you can download and use Revolution R Enterprise free of charge. The full webinar description is after the jump, and you can register to attend at the link below.

Revolution Webinars: Revolution R Enterprise, 100% R and More

Revolution R Enterprise: 100% R and More

Date Wednesday, December 8th
Time: 9AM Pacific Time
Presenter: David Smith, Vice President of Marketing, Revolution Analytics

R users already know why the R language is the lingua franca of statisticians today: because it's the most powerful statistical language in the world. Revolution Analytics builds on the power of open source R, and adds performance, productivity and integration features to create Revolution R Enterprise. In this webinar, author and blogger David Smith will introduce the additional capabilities of Revolution R Enterprise, including:

  • Multi-processor speed improvements and parallel processing
  • Productivity and debugging with an integrated development environment (IDE) for the R language
  • "Big data" statistics, with out-of-memory storage of multi-gigabyte data sets
  • Web Services for R, to integrate R computations and graphics into Web-based applications
  • Technical support and consulting services for R

This webinar will be of value to current R users in industry and government who want to learn more about the additional capabilities of Revolution R Enterprise to enhance the productivity, ease of use, and enterprise readiness of open source R. R users in academia will also find this webinar valuable: we will explain how all members of the academic community can obtain Revolution R Enterprise free of charge.

Register here

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