AdviseR: Technical Support for Open Source R

May 5, 2014

For more than 7 years, Revolution Analytics has provided expert technical support to users of the R language, as part of their annual subscription to Revolution R Enterprise (RRE). Now, all users of open source R can get the same expert technical support with our new AdviseR program, for just $795 per year. (That's in US dollars; the program is available worldwide.)

AdviseR is designed for users of open source R who may not have need for the big-data, high performance and integration capabilities of RRE. If you've downloaded open source R, with AdviseR you'll be able to get immediate technical support from our R engineers around the world, via phone and email. You can track your cases at our Tech Support Portal, which also provides a knowledge base to search for R-related information and to ask questions of other users in our forums.

AdviseR is available now, to R users worldwide. For more information about AdviseR visit the link below, read the press release, or download the AdviseR data sheet (PDF).   

Revolution Analytics Services: AdviseR — Technical Support for Open Source R

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