Accessing Climate Change Data and a Custom Panel Function for Filled Polygons

March 4, 2010

GCS Model Grids

Recently finished some collaborative work with Vishal, related to visualizing climate change data for the SEI. This project was funded in part by the California Energy Commission, with additional technical support from the Google Earth Team. One of the final products was an interactive, multi-scale Google Earth application, based on PostGIS, PHP, and R. Interaction with the KMZ application results in several presentations of climate projections, fire risk projections, urban population growth projections, and other related information. Charts are dynamically generated from the PostGIS database, and returned to the web browser. In addition, an HTTP-based interface makes it simple to download CSV-formatted data directly from the CEC server. Some of our R code seemed like a good candidate for sharing, so I have posted a complete example below– illustrating how to access climate projection data from the CEC server, a couple custom functions for fancy lattice graphics, and more.

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