A package about nothing

July 25, 2014

(This article was first published on R Enthusiast and R/C++ hero, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

nothing is a package about nothing.

The idea is that when you do require(nothing) you express that you don’t need
anything, and therefore nothing assumes you are fine just using the
base package, so it detaches all other packages.

> loadedNamespaces()
 [1] "base"      "datasets"  "devtools"  "digest"    "evaluate"  "graphics"
 [7] "grDevices" "httr"      "memoise"   "methods"   "parallel"  "RCurl"
[13] "stats"     "stringr"   "tools"     "utils"     "whisker"
> require(nothing)
Loading required package: nothing  
unloading 'methods' package ...  
Failed with error:  ‘invalid 'pos' argument’  
> loadedNamespaces()
[1] "base"

I agree, this is completely useless.

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