Weird Al Yankovise() a 2 Chainz Lyric

October 10, 2017

(This article was first published on rstats – MikeJackTzen, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

I have a character string snipped from a lyric by Daniel Son the Necklace Don.

Let’s get all Weird Al Yankovic with it.

I’ll revise some words with the datzen::yankovise() function. You can swap out words using a dictionary of name-value pairs.

paste0(snip <<- "Suede sun roof, hanging out the big top We leave the dealership, head to the rim shop", " - @2chainz aka the Hair Weave Killer") 
#> [1] "Suede sun roof, hanging out the big top We leave the dealership, head to the rim shop - @2chainz aka the Hair Weave Killer"

Above, we have a bar from 2 Chainz aka the Hair Weave Killer.

Below, we have the yankovised bar from @2Chainz_PhD aka the CPU Core Killer aka ProbaBittyBoi aka Daniel Son the Data Don aka El Efron Jr.

# user supplied dictionary
dict_outin = c(
datzen::dictate_outin('dealership','SERVER ROOM'),

yankovise(snip,suffix="- @2Chainz_PhD",dict_outin = dict_outin)
#> [1] "suede sun roof hanging out da LAP top we leave da SERVER ROOM head 2 da RAM shop - @2Chainz_PhD"

You might ask, isn’t this just a wrapper to gsub() or stringr::str_replace_all() with some added flavor? I might say, yes, yes it is… only with a narrower scope and whose output is streamlined as tweet-ready text.

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