October 5, 2010

(This article was first published on Xi'an's Og » R, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

Edward Kao just sent another typo found both in  Monte Carlo Statistical Methods (Problem 3.21) and in Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R (Exercise 3.17), namely that mathcal{G}a(y,1) should be mathcal{G}a(1,y). I also got another email from Jerry Sin mentioning that matrix summation in the matrix commands of Figure 1.2 of Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R should be matrix multiplication. And asking for an errata sheet on the webpage of the books, which is clearly necessary and overdue! Here are also a few more typos found by Pierre Jacob and Robin Ryder when working on the translation of Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with R:

– on page 153, “step” should be replaced with “iteration” in the first paragraph;

– on page 154 in  Example 5.14, the parenthesis ends up after “equal to 0″;

– on page 156, in Example 5.15,  “likelihood surface” should be “log-likelihood surface”;

– on page 158, in Example 5.16, “or, equivalently, by” should be “or, equivalently, with”;

– on page 162, in the caption of Figure 5.14,  “MLE estimator” should be “MLE”;

– in Algorithm 8, page 206, there are two commas before given;

– in the caption of Figure 7.6, these are the allele probabilities, not the genotype probabilities;

– in Exercise 7.22 c, the matrix is positive definite if and only if the condition is satisfied;

– on page 239, “the slower chain” should be “the slowest chain”;

– on page 241, “you can load all coda functions” instead of “…download…”;

– in Exercise 8.1, we compare an estimator delta_1 with delta_k, not delta_2;

– in the caption of Figure 8.2, the upper quantile is a 97.5% quantile, not a .975% quantile;

– in Exercise 8.11, the y_i at the end of page 267 should be d_i;

– in Exercise 8.16, jpg is mistakenly qualified to be open (!).

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