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September 24, 2015

(This article was first published on Blag's bag of rants, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

The first time I heard about R, was about 4 years ago…a couple of week after I joined SAP. At that time I read in one of our internal documents that SAP HANA was going to be able to interact with the R programming Language.

At first, I was totally clueless about R…I had never heard from it before…so I of course start looking for some more information, download R and RStudio and start learning how to use it…

After some time…I posted my first blog talking about R…that was on November 28, 2011…the blog was Dealing with R and HANA

After that I kept learning and using it whenever it was suitable…and I end up writing my most successful blog on the SAP Community Network…that was on May 21, 2012.

When SAP HANA met R – First kiss

That up to now, has 21,879 views and 62 comments, 16 likes and 32 bookmarks.

R is huge…it really is…there’s thousands of packages that solve thousands of issues…so that’s when I start reading R related books from my good friends at Packt Publishing

Web Application Development with R using Shiny (See my review here).

As I was improving my R skills…I knew that something was missing…I really didn’t knew much about Statistics and my Machine Learning skills were pretty dull as well…that’s when I read another awesome book…and I think my favorite book on R so far…

Machine Learning with R (See my review here).
Another topic that it’s interesting is Social Media…and how to get value out of it…
Social Media Mining with R (See my review here).
If you’re wondering how Social Media can be used with R, then please take a look at my blog Getting Flexible with SAP HANA where I use SAP HANA, R, Twitter and Schema Flexibility to analyze hashtags that can be further explored using for example SAP Lumira.
If you are into the Bioinformatics world…which I’m not -:( You should appreciate this book…
Bioinformatics with R Cookbook (See my review here).
And there are some more books that I haven’t read yet, but might help you to get started into the R world like…
Data Manipulation with R
R Data Visualization Cookbook
Instant R Starter
So…why are all this books important? Well…obviously, they are all about R and R is amazing and becoming more important each and every day…
Look at this video to realize why Data Science is a hot topic to learn…
Or you just can download it as a nice PDF for offline reading http://bit.ly/1MryNha
Also…by just reading this blog post…you have the opportunity to buy any of these books with a 50% discount by using this code at checkout time…


A big opportunity NOT to be missed out…

The validity of codes till 31st October. Limited copies are available.


Development Culture.

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