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R-Lab #1: hands on R code! | Milan, March 14th

Great news for the MilanoR community: we are launching R-Lab, a monthly R project of co-working with R on real data science projects.
Either if you are an R expert, a beginner, or you just curious, you are welcome to join us! The first event will be on March 14th, in Mikamai, Milano. We will introduce the R-Lab project and then go to the theme of the day: “RStudio addins: a shortcut to your favourite functionalities”

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7th MilanoR Meeting: October 27

MilanoR is a free event, open to all R users and enthusiasts or those who wish to learn more about R. The meeting consists of two talks (this time one about big data and and one about statistical learning) + a free buffet and networking time
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