GenABEL: an annoying error after the import of PLINK data format

In the previous post we saw how much convenient could be GenABEL in the management of genotypic/phenotypic data. We introduced the import of genotypic data from an Illumina format file: > convert.snp.illumina(inf = “gen.illu”, out = “gen.raw”, str…

Access data quickly and easily: data.table package

This article gives a brief overview of the data.table package written by M. Dowle, T. Short, S. Lianoglou. A data.table is an extension of a data.frame created to reduce the working time of the user in two ways programming time … Continue reading…

Industrial Statistics Seminars

Andrea Spanò, founder and partner at Quantide, held two seminars about Industrial Statistics at the University of Bergamo. Process Capability Analysis and Gage R&R were topics of seminars. Download presentations: Process Capability Analysis Gage R…


try è una utilissima funzione, da utilizzare specialmente nei loop (apply, by, quelli del package plyr,…) per evitare che si blocchino a causa di un calcolo che non avviene nel modo corretto. Supponiamo ad esempio che dobbiate fare una regressio…

“Introduction to R” course

Milano R net, in collaboration with Quantide, organizes a course of introduction to R.
When: June 7-8, 2012
Where: Hotel Michelangelo; Milano (near Central Railway Station)
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