Get The Best R Books For Just $5

December 26, 2015

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tl;dr: Get every book about R & related topics for just $5 at Packt Publishing until the end of this year.

Packt Publishing is currently offering a special sales campaign. You can buy every book for only 5 Dollar until the end of this year. We think, this is a great chance to broaden your R horizon regardless of whether you are a beginner or professional R user. Therefore we have compiled a list of five of the newest and most promising books about R.

Our Top 5 Best R Books For 5 Bucks:

The enthusiasm for R remains unbroken. A current analysis shows that R is even the fastest-growing language on StackOverflow.


Most of the times R is primarily associated with data analysis. Therefore, our first recommendation is precisely devoted to this topic.

  1. Data Analysis with R 

Load, wrangle, and analyze your data using the world’s most powerful statistical programming language

8142OS_Learning Data Analysis with R

Freshly released, this book is specially aimed at R and data analysis beginners and delivers a practical guide to load, manipulate and analyze data.





  1. Learning Bayesian Models with R 

Become an expert in Bayesian Machine Learning methods using R and apply them to solve real-world big data problems

B01669_Learning Bayesian Models with R_

Do you ever asked yourself how to use this magic thing called Bayesianism with R? Learning Bayesian Models with R offers you a great point to start using Bayesian models in R with a focus on machine learning methods.




  1. Mastering RStudio – Develop, Communicate, and Collaborate with R 

Harness the power of RStudio to create web applications, R packages, markdown reports and pretty data visualizations

2547OS_2104_Mastering RStudio Develop, Communicate, and Collaborate with R

In many programming languages you can choose between several good IDEs (Integrated Development Environments), but when it comes to R there is virtually only one professional IDE: RStudio. Mastering RStudio is aimed at people with a solid R understanding who wish to speed up their R development abilities by taking advantage of the extensive functionalities of RStudio.


  1. Mastering Machine Learning with R 

Master machine learning techniques with R to deliver insights for complex projects


Machine learning is a really hot topic and clearly one of the top buzzword in the analytics scene. In fact, machine learning and its techniques are not as easy and quickly implemented in R as one might think. Because of that Mastering Machine Learning with R gives you valuable insights on how to solve complex business problems with R and machine learning.


  1. Unsupervised Learning with R 

Work with over 40 packages to draw inferences from complex datasets and find hidden patterns in raw unstructured data

7093OS_4861_Unsupervised Learning with R

Since it is a regular pain for nearly every data analyst to start an analysis with messy raw data, last but not least we added another book to our 5 for 5 list. Unsupervised Learning with R will help you step by step to bring order into unstructured data chaos.




This is of course only our top 5 of 5. Hurry up to take advantage of the drastically reduced price of these R books. Feel free to add your own top list in the comments.

Lastly, I would like to wish you a happy new year. J

[Disclaimer: @julianhi, founder of this blog and I are the authors of Mastering RStudio.]

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