Geographic data to service the needs of a remote employee – part2

July 6, 2016

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Ava Yang, Mango Solutions


In part 1 of this post I set out to find a flat to rent based on three simple criteria:

  • Café density
  • Tube station density
  • Monthly rent

So far I have made use of the baidumap and REmap packages to create a nice visualisation of available flats and coffee shops in Shanghai.

Calculation and scoring

Now let’s do some basic math and programming. Three measures ( derived from original variables to quantify my preferences.

For density of café and tube station, the closer the better; the more the better. Geographic distances were calculated by function distm from package geosphere.


load('data/ziroom.rds') # raw data

# 1. Generate names to represent flats
# 2. Extract longitude and lattitude
sh_ziroom <- ziroom %>%
mutate(name=paste("Room", rownames(ziroom), sep="_")) %>%
mutate(lon=getCoordinate(flat, city="上海", formatted = T)[, 'longtitude']) %>%
mutate(lat=getCoordinate(flat, city="上海", formatted = T)[, 'latitude']) %>%
na.omit() %>%
select(c(lon, lat, name, price_promotion, flat))

# distance matrices: between cafe and flat, between station and flat

dist_cafe_flat <- distm(sh_cafe[,c("lon", "lat")], sh_ziroom[,c("lon", "lat")]) %>%

dist_station_flat <- distm(sh_station[,c("lon", "lat")], sh_ziroom[,c("lon", "lat")]) %>%

As an upper limit I’m willing to walk as far as 750 metres (about 0.5 mile) from a café. Thus, cafeidx and stationidx were then given by

For this job I wrote a small custom function called calIdx.

# Function to calculate cafe_idx and station_idx

calIdx <- function(tmpcol) {

tmpcol <- tmpcol[which(tmpcol < 750)]



Rent is a negative indicator, and so rentidx could be obtained from

The weighted score was calculated by

# 1. cafeIdx = 1/log(dis1) + 1/log(dis2) +...+ 1/log(disN)

# 2. stationIdx = 1/log(dis1) + 1/log(dis2) +...+ 1/log(disN)

# 3. rentIdx = 1/log(price_promotion)

# 4. score = 0.3*cafeIdx + 0.2*stationIdx + 0.5*rentIdx

sh_ziroom_top10 <- sh_ziroom %>%

mutate(cafeIdx = sapply(dist_cafe_flat, calIdx)) %>%

mutate(stationIdx = sapply(dist_station_flat, calIdx)) %>%

filter(price_promotion <= 4000) %>%

mutate(rentIdx = 1/log(as.numeric(price_promotion))) %>%

mutate(score = 0.4*cafeIdx + 0.2*stationIdx + 0.4*rentIdx) %>%

arrange(desc(score)) %>%



kable(sh_ziroom_top10[, c("name", "score", "cafeIdx", "stationIdx", "rentIdx")], align="c")

name score cafeIdx stationIdx rentIdx
Room_34 0.6480966 1.3262957 0.3380904 0.1249006
Room_35 0.6470510 1.3262957 0.3380904 0.1222865
Room_80 0.6054141 1.2216344 0.3378458 0.1229781
Room_79 0.6048128 1.2216344 0.3378458 0.1214746
Room_22 0.5729428 1.1430015 0.3349634 0.1218737
Room_24 0.5729428 1.1430015 0.3349634 0.1218737
Room_45 0.5292036 0.9617378 0.4709076 0.1258173
Room_46 0.5284566 0.9617378 0.4709076 0.1239499
Room_59 0.4334636 0.8012006 0.3237803 0.1205684
Room_57 0.3836545 0.6721137 0.3302977 0.1218737

Done! See above for the top 10 room candidates. The mechanism I used is not difficult and makes my life so much easier. Moving to a new area which fulfils all my social needs is no longer such a big challenge!


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