Bio7 2.9 Released

August 16, 2018

(This article was first published on R – Bio7 Website, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)


A new release of Bio7 is available. The new Bio7 2.9 release comes with a plethora of new R features and bugfixes.

Screenshot MacOSX with dark theme and opened ‘R ImageJ Analysis’ perspective

Screenshot ‘R’ perspective Windows and opened R-Shell code completion

Release Notes:


  • Based on Eclipse 4.8
  • Improved the dark theme and the layout of the dark theme in many places
  • All editor font colors are now changed automatically to default optimized colors when using the dark theme
  • New ‘Switch Theme’ action available to easily switch to the dark theme or back to the default theme
  • Java updated to 1.8.181
  • New Fullscreen/Hide Menu action available (Main menu “Window” – Key: Strg+Shift+ 4)
  • New Hide and Show main menu actions available (useful to hide added plugin menus again)
  • Added pdf reader option “Okular” to open a R pdf plot with the okular application (used when the SWT browser + open external preference is selected)
  • Added a new Table API method to transfer a matrix array form Java more efficiently
  • Improved the WorldWind search function (using the photon geocoding API)
  • Improved the default font size for Swing components on Retina displays (e.g., ImageJ components)


  • Updated R for Windows to version 3.5.1
  • Added a new plot option to plot huge plots in a temporary folder and open them in ImageJ virtually (disk resident). The folder will automatically be opened after plotting (plot images have to be deleted manually!)


  • ImageJ Updated to 1.52f18
  • ImageJ toolbar improved for the dark theme (see screenshots)
  • Added a new ImageJ detach image menu in the ‘Window’ menu of the ImageJ-Canvas view

R Markdown:

  • Added syntax coloring of R markdown snippets
  • Added new context menu actions in menu “Text” (Find and replace, Toggle Block Selection, To Upper Case, To Lower Case)
  • Added a new context menu action to toggle word wrap, etc.

R editor:

  • Added a new warning and quickfix for possibly wrong comparisons of NULL, NA, NaN

  • Added a new option in the preferences for the new warning
  • Added new context menu actions in menu “Text” (Find and replace, Toggle Block Selection, To Upper Case, To Lower Case)
  • Improved the display for quickfix suggestion, warning and errors when the font is resized dynamically (especially for MacOSX)
  • The help browser for code completion popups now display help sites in dark mode if the Bio7 dark theme is enabled.

ImageJ Macro Editor

  • Added a general rename method to rename selected word occurences
  • Added new context menu actions in menu “Text” (Find and replace, Toggle Block Selection, To Upper Case, To Lower Case)
  • Added latest macro code completion function definitions

Download and Installation:


Just download the *.zip distribution file from and unzip it in your preferred location. Bio7 comes bundled with a Java Runtime Environment, R and Rserve distribution and works out of the box.


Download and extract the installation file from
For Linux you have to install R and Rserve (see Rserve installation below!).


Download and extract the installation file from

If you start Bio7 a warning or error can occur because of the changes how Apple treats signatures! To allow Bio7 to start see this instructions for Yosemite and Sierra:

OS X Yosemite: Open an app from an unidentified developer

macOS Sierra: Open an app from an unidentified developer

If you have still problems with Sierra see this solution!

In addition for MacOSX you have to install R and Rserve (see below!).

Linux and MacOSX Rserve (compiled for cooperative mode) installation:

To install Rserve open the R shell and then execute the menu action “Options -> Install Rserve (coop. mode) for R …” for different R versions. This will download an install Rserve in your default R library location, see video below (please make sure that your default Linux R library install location has writing permissions!). In cooperative mode only one connection at a time is allowed (which we want for this Desktop appl.) and all subsequent connections share the same namespace (default on Windows)!

" data-embed-play="Play Video
This video will be embedded from Youtube. The apply.

Installation of Useful R Packages

R packages which are useful in combination with Bio7 can easily be installed with the R-Shell context menu “Packages” action:

R-Shell context menu->Packages->Install_Default_R_Packages

Bio7 Documentation

For more information about Bio7 please consult the soon updated Bio7 User Guide.

A plethora of Bio7 videotutorials for an introduction can be found on YouTube.

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