A Demo for the Ratio Estimation in Sampling Survey (Animation)

March 24, 2010

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Amber Watkins gave me a suggestion on the animation for the ratio estimation, and I think this is a good topic for my animation package. I’ve finished writing the initial version of the function sample.ratio() for this package, which will appear in the version 1.1-2 a couple of days later.

As we know, the benefit of ratio estimation is that sampling skewness may be adjusted for, because the estimation of bar{Y} will make use of the information in the relationship of X and Y: bar{X} cdot (bar{y}/bar{x}). Here is a demo (we can see the ratio estimate, denoted by the red line, generally performs better than bar{y}):

An animation demo for the ratio estimation

An animation demo for the ratio estimation

And here is the code:

## To appear in animation 1.1-2: see documentation there
sample.ratio = function(x = runif(50, 0, 5), R = 1,
    y = R * x + rnorm(x), size = length(x)/2, p.col = c("blue",
        "red"), p.cex = c(1, 3), p.pch = c(20, 21), m.col = c("black",
        "gray"), legend.loc = "topleft", ...) {
    nmax = ani.options("nmax")
    interval = ani.options("interval")
    N = length(x)
    for (i in 1:nmax) {
        idx = sample(N, size)
        plot(x, y, col = p.col[1], pch = p.pch[1], cex = p.cex[1],

        points(x[idx], y[idx], col = p.col[2], pch = p.pch[2],
            cex = p.cex[2])
        abline(v = c(mean(x), mean(x[idx])), h = c(mean(y), mean(y[idx])),
            col = m.col, lty = c(2, 1))
        abline(h = mean(x) * mean(y[idx])/mean(x[idx]), col = p.col[2])
        legend(legend.loc, expression(bar(X), bar(x), bar(X) %.%
            (bar(y)/bar(x)), bar(Y), bar(y)), lty = c(2, 1, 1,
            2, 1), col = c(m.col[c(1, 2)], p.col[2], m.col[c(1,
            2)]), bty = "n", ncol = 2)



## Save as an HTML page
sample.ratio(c(runif(50, 0, 2), runif(50, 4, 6)), size = 20)

## Reproduce the above GIF animation
    sample.ratio(c(runif(50, 0, 2), runif(50, 4, 6)), size = 20)
}, moviename = "ratio-estimation", para = list(mar = c(4, 4,
    1, 0.5), mgp = c(2, 1, 0)))

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