Taking R to the Limit: Parallelization

Video, slides and code of the talk “Taking R to the Limit: Parallelization” by Ryan Rosario at the Los Angeles area R Users Group in July 2010 as follows.


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R code: here.


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RUG Introduction: Los Angeles area R Users Group

A nice group of people from academia and industry meeting about once a month at UCLA. Attendance is usually 30-40, but gradually increasing (also about 300 registered members). If you’d like to join, visit the group’s website: http://www.meetup.com/LAarea-R-usergroup/, you’ll find some description of past meetings, and you’ll be able to RSVP for coming ones. The materials of the talks (video, slides, code) will be uploaded right here (http://www.r-bloggers.com/RUG), but if you are in the Los Angeles area don’t miss the discussions after the talks and the networking opportunities offered by the meetings. All events are absolutely free for anyone attending, all you need is to sign up to the website and RSVP for the meetings. If you have questions, please contact the organizers (Szilard Pafka and Jan de Leeuw) via the group’s website.