August 2015

likelihood-free inference in high-dimensional models

August 31, 2015 | xi'an

“…for a general linear model (GLM), a single linear function is a sufficient statistic for each associated parameter…” The recently arXived paper “Likelihood-free inference in high-dimensional models“, by Kousathanas et al. (July 2015), proposes an ABC resolution of the dimensionality curse [when the dimension of the parameter and of the corresponding ...
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Two little annoying stats detail

August 31, 2015 | grumble10

A very brief post at the end of the field season on two little “details” that are annoying me in paper/analysis that I see being done (sometimes) around me. The first one concern mixed effect models where the models built in the contain a grouping factor (say month or ...
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Advanced Tips and Tricks with data.table

August 30, 2015 | Andrew Brooks - R

Tips and tricks learned along the way 1. DATA STRUCTURES & ASSIGNMENT =__ Columns of lists =__ Suppressing intermediate output with {} =__ Fast looping with set =__ Using shift for to lead/lag vectors and lists =__ Create multiple columns with := in one statement =__ Assign a column with := named with a character object 2. BY =__ Calculate a function ... [Read more...]

Visualizing Twitter history with streamgraphs in R

August 30, 2015 | Juuso Parkkinen

I was exploring ways to visualize my Twitter history, and ended up creating this interactive streamgraph of my 20 most used hashtags in Twitter: The graph shows how my Twitter activity has varied a lot. The top three hashtags are #datascience, #rstats and #opendata (no surprises there). There are also event-related ... [Read more...]

GEOSTAT 2015: a write-up

August 30, 2015 | Robin Lovelace - R

The week before last I attended the GEOSTAT summer school in Lancaster. GEOSTAT is an annual week-long meeting devoted to ‘geostatistics’ (or ‘spatial statistics’ - we’ll come on to the difference subsequently). Having seen the impressive range of materials from previous ‘GEOSTATs’, I was greatly looking forward to the ...
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August 30, 2015 | R on Guangchuang Yu

I implemented a function, subview, in ggtree that make it easy to embed a subplot in ggplot. An example is shown below:

dd <- data.frame(x=LETTERS[1:3], y=1:3)
pie <- ggplot(dd, aes(x=1, y, fill=x)) + 
             geom_bar(stat="identity", width=1) + 
                    coord_polar(theta="y") + theme_tree() + 
                          xlab(NULL) + ylab(NULL) + 

x <- sample(2:9)
y <- sample(2:9)
width <- sample(seq(0.05, 0.15, length.out=length(x)))
height <- width

p <- ggplot(data=data.frame(x=c(0, 10), y=c(0, 10)), aes(x, y))+geom_blank()
for (i in seq_along(x)) {
    p %<>% subview(pie, x[i], y[i], width[i], height[i])
With this function, we can plot a specific clade and add a subplot of the whole topology; we can also add relative statistic graph above the tree ... [Read more...]

RcppGSL 0.3.0

August 30, 2015 | Thinking inside the box

A new version of RcppGSL just arrived on CRAN. The RcppGSL package provides an interface from R to the GNU GSL using our Rcpp package. Following on the heels of an update last month we updated the package (and its vignette) further. One of the key additions concern memory management: ... [Read more...]

“A 99% TVaR is generally a 99.6% VaR”

August 29, 2015 | arthur charpentier

Almost 6 years ago, I posted a brief comment on a sentence I found surprising, by that time, discovered in a report claiming that the expected shortfall […] at the 99 % level corresponds quite closely to the […] value-at-risk at a 99.6% level which was inspired by a remark in Swiss Experience report, expected shortfall […] ... [Read more...]

Building Wordclouds in R

August 28, 2015 | Teja Kodali

In this article, I will show you how to use text data to build word clouds in R. We will use a dataset containing around 200k Jeopardy questions. The dataset can be downloaded here (thanks to reddit user trexmatt for providing the dataset). We will require three packages for this: ... [Read more...]

Bio7 2.3 Released!

August 28, 2015 | » R

28.08.2015 As a result of the useR conference 2015 with fantastic workshops and presentations where I also presented my software I released a new version of Bio7 with many improvements and new features inspired by the R conference and important for the next ImageJ conference 2015 where I will give a Bio7 workshop. ... [Read more...]

Lightning strike trend prediction with GBM in R

August 28, 2015 | Matt Leonawicz

Lightning activity is projected to increase with climate change. Lightning activity is interesting to model with stochastic gradient boosting (GBM: generalized boosted regression models/gradient boosting machine) in R. One use I have for this at SNAP is in the context of landscape fire modeling with SNAP’s ALFRESCO model. ...
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A Closer Look at TAT Time Dependence

August 28, 2015 | [email protected]

The Problem We want to have a closer look at the time–dependence of turn around times (TATs). In particular, we would like to see if there is a significant trend in TAT over time (improvement or deterioration) and we would like the data to inform us of slowdowns and ...
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Get to know Cortana Analytics: Workshop and webinars

August 28, 2015 | David Smith

Cortana Analytics Suite is Microsoft's cloud-based big data and advanced analytics suite. It includes a complete set of all the services need to build advanced analytics applications: from data ingestion and management, data warehousing, advanced analytics, data visualization and solution frameworks. You can use Cortana Analytics to build applications using ... [Read more...]
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