Uwe Ligges joins R-core

July 22, 2011

TU Dortmund professor Uwe Ligges is now a member of R-core, the group of 20 leading statisticians and computer scientists who oversee the R Project and develop and maintain the source code for the R engine and its core packages. Uwe has been very active in the R project for many years: he maintains the system that builds Windows binaries of contributed R packages, which is why you can install and run an R package on Windows with a single command without needing to compile it yourself. Uwe also created the Windows R Package Builder service, which package authors without access to Windows and the necessary toolchain use to verify that their packages will also work for Windows users. He's also the author of several contributed R packages on CRAN, including the interface between R and BUGS (for Bayesian inference using Gibbs sampling). Now a member of R-core, Uwe can add to his contributions to the R project by making changes to the R source code directly. Congratulations, Uwe!

R-devel mailing list: Welcome Uwe Ligges to R-core

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