Provincial Map using GADM

August 5, 2012

(This article was first published on Data Analysis and Visualization in R, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers)

This blog demonstrates how to produce political/provincial boundary map (below) using R maptools and raster packages.

## Load required packages
 ## Download data from
adm <- getData(‘GADM’, country=’PHL’, level=2)
mar<-(adm[adm$NAME_1==”Marinduque”,])plot(mar, bg=”dodgerblue”, axes=T)
##Plot downloaded data
plot(mar, lwd=10, border=”skyblue”, add=T)
plot(mar,col=”green4″, add=T)
invisible(text(getSpPPolygonsLabptSlots(mar), labels=as.character(mar$NAME_2), cex=1.1, col=”white”, font=2))
mtext(side=3, line=1, “Provincial Map of Marinduque”, cex=2)
mtext(side=1, “Longitude”, line=2.5, cex=1.1)
mtext(side=2, “Latitude”, line=2.5, cex=1.1)
text(122.08,13.22, “Projection: Geographic\nCoordinate System: WGS 1984\nData Source:\nCreated by: ARSsalvacion”, adj=c(0,0), cex=0.7, col=”grey20″)

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