New edition of “R Companion to Applied Regression” – by John Fox and Sandy Weisberg

December 10, 2010

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Just two hours ago, Professor href="">John Fox has href="[email protected]/msg119817.html">announced on the R-help mailing list of a new (second) edition to his book “An R and S Plus Companion to Applied Regression”, now title . href="">“An R Companion to Applied Regression, Second Edition”.

John Fox is (very) well known in the R community for many contributions to title="the R project" href="">R, including the href="">car package (which any one who is interested in title="Repeated measures ANOVA with R and car" href="">performing SS type II and III repeated measures anova in R, is sure to come by), the href="">Rcmdr pacakge (one of the two major GUI’s for R, the second one is title="Deducer by Ian Fellows" href="">Deducer), href="">sem (for Structural Equation Models) and title="John Fox on Crantastic" href="">more.  These might explain why I think having him release a new edition for his book to be big news for the R community of users.

In this new edition, Professor Fox has teamed with Professor href="">Sandy Weisberg, to refresh the original edition so to cover the development gained in the (nearly) 10 years since the first edition was written.

Here is what John Fox had to say:

Dear all,

Sandy Weisberg and I would like to announce the publication of the second /> edition of An R Companion to Applied Regression (Sage, 2011).

As is immediately clear, the book now has two authors and S-PLUS is gone /> from the title (and the book). The R Companion has also been thoroughly /> rewritten, covering developments in the nearly 10 years since the first /> edition was written and expanding coverage of topics such as R graphics and /> R programming. As before, however, the R Companion provides a general /> introduction to R in the context of applied regression analysis, broadly /> construed. It is available from the publisher at href="">(US) or href="">(UK), and href="">from Amazon (see here)

The book is augmented by a web site with data sets, appendices on a variety of topics, and more, and it associated with the car package on CRAN, which has recently undergone an overhaul.

Regards, /> John and Sandy


If you are interested in more information about href="">“An R Companion to Applied Regression, Second Edition”, you can head over to the books web page, here’s some of the highlights of what you will find there:

  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">Preface to the book
  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">Table of contents
  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">Sample chapters from Sage
  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">Reviews of the book
  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">Errata and updates
  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">Scripts for examples by chapter and appendix
  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">Data files used in the book.
  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">The car package for R.
  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">Web appendix to the text
  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">Web site for the first edition
  • style="font-size: 9.02778px;"> href="">Other R resources

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