Income Distribution in London

June 7, 2013

Inspired by the Institute of Fiscal Studies’ “Where do you fit in” application, where people can find out their position in the UK’s income distribution, I wanted to find out how the picture in London looks like. Quite different. If you are in a very high percentile nationwide, high incomes of mainly financial sector employees in London make sure that you find yourself a couple of ranks further down. That’s my guess anyway, but I think there is little reason to doubt where the big salaries are earned.
The data are not equivalized, i.e. does not take into account number of earners and dependents in a household.

Here’s the plot. The code and info on how to get the data are available on github. The red lines mark the median (0.5 on the y axis) and the corresponding quantile. I.e. the median household income is somewhere in the £30-35K bracket (it’s £33,430).

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